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Importance of Combining Adjustments and Rehabilitation

 There are three parts to truly correcting your spine and all it controls:

1.      Function—how well your joints move, muscle tone, ability to perform Activities of normal Daily Living. ADLs are things such as walking, lifting, bending to do dishes, run the vacuum, or bathe your kids.

2.      Neurological—how well is the signal getting from the brain, through the spinal cord, out the nerves, and finally to all the parts of the body.

3.      Structural—the actual shape of the spine as measured on x-rays.  (True Plane or Aligned X-rays.  Note: Hospital and most chiropractors’ x-rays are generally inadequate due to positioning errors or misaligned x-ray machines.)

 So here is the challenge: adjustments restore function and are profoundly important for proper neurological balance but adjustments alone can’t change the  structure of the spine.  This is because you have muscles that react, under nerve-controlled reflexes, to applied forces. 

 Adjusting a vertebra back into alignment and expecting it to stay (like most chiropractors do) works great if the patient is already dead.  If the patient is alive then it takes rehabilitation to change the shape of the spine due to reflex muscle reactions that will automatically attempt to pull the spine back to the previous position. 

The rehabilitation we use works with these muscle reflexes instead of against them to give you results that other chiropractors are just not capable of.   

 So what about just doing the rehabilitation but no adjustments? The muscles will be fighting against joint immobility and loss of function that will slow if not stop the effectiveness of the rehabilitation.





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