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  1. Posture Affects Your Health

  2. Forward Head Posture

  3. Importance of Combining Adjusting and Rehabilitation

  4. Pettibon Body Weighting System®

  5. Pettibon Tendon Ligament Muscle Stimulation®

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  8. Pettibon Fulcrum Exercise Program with Spinal Molding®



 Pettibon Tendon Ligament Muscle Stimulator®


The PTLMS is used during your office visits in the initial phase of care.  Its purpose is to very quickly eliminate muscle splinting (or guarding) to help stop the self-perpetuating cycle of  inflammation.


When your spine was injured the surrounding muscles began splinting (guarding) to protect the area from further injury.  The problem is that the process goes unchecked and the muscles squeeze so tight that they compromise the blood flow to the area. 


This causes more pain which causes more splinting which, of course, continues to compromise blood flow.  The real problem with this is the normal metabolic waste does not get eliminated and fresh nutrients don’t get in.  Imagine how bad it would feel to not eliminate waste (go to the bathroom) for an extended period of time.


Enter the PTLMS- its unique vertical movement (almost all massagers go side to side) set at a precise speed stimulates the nervous system to very quickly relax the muscles and allow blood to surge through.  As the blood flow returns to normal all the trapped metabolic waste and inflammatory chemicals get pushed out of  the muscles and surrounding soft tissues.  Fresh nutrient delivery begins and the healing process moves forward.


The only remaining challenge is ridding your body of the waste and chemicals.  The body will generally do this in only a few ways:

  1. Lungs- you may notice a metallic taste in your mouth or bad breath.

  2. Skin- some begin to sweat heavily with the 1st use, you may only notice a slight  increase.

  3. Bowel- loose stool is not uncommon.

  4. Nausea- yes, some people have actually “thrown up” after the PTLMS.

The more waste chemicals have been accumulated the more the effects are usually felt.  You can counter this and help your body eliminate the waste more efficiently by consuming extra water- at least ˝ your body weight in ounces every day. 


If you are dehydrated you are likely to experience headache, nausea, and general flu-like symptoms.  Sometimes the detoxifying process is mistaken for the flu. 


If you suspect you have the flu within the 1st 2 weeks of  care, please let the staff or doctor know.  Don’t be surprised if  you are encouraged to keep your scheduled visit.  The more consistent you are with the process the faster you can come out the other side healthier and feeling good. 





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