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  1. Posture Affects Your Health

  2. Forward Head Posture

  3. Importance of Combining Adjusting and Rehabilitation

  4. Pettibon Body Weighting System®

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The Pettibon Body Weighting System®


The weights must be worn two (2) times per day (not counting in-office) from the time they are prescribed.  The weights correct your spine and posture and will include your own combination of head, shoulder, hip weights, or a posture strap.




The weights are at the heart of your correction.  Observation and testing, including x-ray diagnostics, determine the exact placement and amount of weight to counterbalance your specific postural problem. They are for more than just strengthening the muscles.  The weights re-train your nerve-muscle connection to correct your spine and posture and give your body the ability to keep it that way. 


They work by using your reflex-controlled “posture” muscles.  These are different from your “fast” muscles that you may workout at the gym.  Posture muscles are fine-tuned muscles that feed your nerve system information on balance, body position awareness, and your gravity environment.


Once the nerve-muscle connection is corrected and the muscles strong and balanced, the doctor will determine the optimum frequency to wear your weights to properly maintain the correction you will have diligently worked to achieve.  This may be as little as one 20 minute session all week.  This is tailored to your specific lifestyle and needs so if you have questions, please speak with the doctor. 






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