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  1. Posture Affects Your Health

  2. Forward Head Posture

  3. Importance of Combining Adjusting and Rehabilitation

  4. Pettibon Body Weighting System

  5. Pettibon Tendon Ligament Muscle Stimulation

  6. Pettibon Cervical Traction Unit

  7. Pettibon Wobble Chair

  8. Pettibon Fulcrum Exercise Program with Spinal Molding

Cervical Traction Unit


When cervical traction is performed twice daily for the prescribed time (3-5 minutes) amazing changes will happen. Joint mobility and range of motion improve, stiffness reduces, neck curve restoration is accelerated, and pain is diminished.


The cervical traction is used twice per day from the time you start care and continues for as long as you want to enjoy the benefits of a healthy spine.  Consistent use will enhance spinal joint health and mobility by warming and softening the ligaments, cartilage, and discs allowing the joints to move through a full, healthy range of motion.  Additionally, it helps restore the normal neck curve (cervical lordosis).


Ligaments, discs, and joints have no blood supply (avascular).  The only way they absorb nutrients and eliminate waste is through motion.  The repetitive up and down action (or loading/unloading cycle) of  the cervical traction acts like a pump moving nutrients in and waste materials out of the discs and joints.  The mild stretching of the neck muscles also drives the remodeling of scar tissue towards a stronger and less pain sensitive neck.


The Home Rehabilitation Program is a synergistic combination of the Wobble Chair, Cervical Traction Unit, Pettibon Weighting System, and Spinal Molding Fulcrums to get you the fastest results possible. Other home equipment/exercises will be prescribed as needed. Missing any part of the prescribed exercises equates to an exponential loss of results. 


If you are having difficulty with any part of your rehabilitation program or have questions on how it can easily fit into your day, please ask the doctor or staff for assistance.  We are here to help you.









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