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  1. Posture Affects Your Health

  2. Forward Head Posture

  3. Importance of Combining Adjusting and Rehabilitation

  4. Pettibon Body Weighting System

  5. Pettibon Tendon Ligament Muscle Stimulation

  6. Pettibon Cervical Traction Unit

  7. Pettibon Wobble Chair

  8. Pettibon Fulcrum Exercise Program with Spinal Molding


Pettibon Fulcrum Exercise Program with Spinal Molding


Spinal Molding begins in the acute phase of care. It helps to gently stretch shortened ligaments and muscles, allowing the normal spinal curves to be restored.


After your time on the wobble chair and cervical traction unit the ligaments and discs are softened and warm.  They go from a firm and rigid state (hydrogel) to a pliable fluid like state (hydrosol). This is the time when the spinal molding is most effective.


Laying on the spinal molding fulcrums allows the ligaments and discs to stretch back out to normal lengths and then cool down into a firm state (hydrogel) with better ability to hold your spine correctly.


The Fulcrum Program begins in Phase 2 of care (Corrective Phase). When used daily they will add strength and flexibility to your spine. They will be an integral part of your core stability in the future.






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